A new documentary about Georgia in the works

February 17, 2023

A team of Georgian and American filmmakers is making a beautiful short documentary in the Caucasus mountains in the Republic of Georgia. The story follows Irakli, an 82-year-old mountain doctor, as he makes house calls on horseback throughout his ancestral homeland of Tusheti along the Russian border. 

Robert Hope is a graduate film student at the University of Texas in collaboration with Georgian documentary filmmaker and Sundance fellow Anna Japaridze. Last October they made a trip to Tusheti to capture footage of many families and shepherds leaving before the only road to the region closes and the remaining few who have decided to stay in the highlands as they prepare for winter. 

They are currently raising funds as they prepare for a 2nd trip back to Georgia in March 2023 to document Irakli and the community that has decided to brave the harsh and isolated winter, dedicated to staying in the highlands year round.

They are working with medical students in the University of Texas Division of Global Health at Dell Medical School to bring medical supplies to the region as well as fundraising to make renovations to Irakli the doctor and Nino the nurse’s homes this winter, as they are currently living in very difficult conditions. 

The team is currently fundraising for their 2nd shoot this March and to bring medical supplies to the region’s highland community. Please consider supporting them by making a tax deductible donation on the project’s website and spreading the word with your community. 

Road to Tusheti in the summertime. 2022. Photo Credit: Salome Tsereteli-Stephens