Introduction to the History of Georgian Cinema

The Georgian Association in the USA co-sponsored event jointly with the Davis Center’s Program on Georgian Studies at Harvard University, on the history of Georgian Cinema has been cancelled. The Association is working to schedule a separate lecture by Levan Lomjaria at a later date and will provide the updated information as soon as it is scheduled.

In November 1896, just months after appearing in Paris, cinema arrived in Georgia. It became very popular – especially in the independence period (1918-1921), with several Georgian filmmakers producing Georgian movies. After the Soviet takeover in 1921, cinema became a chief method of propaganda. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Georgian cinema sector faced 10-12 years of stagnation during which only a few films were made. In recent years, Georgian cinema has been witnessing an astonishing period of revival. A new generation of filmmakers has emerged who have managed to find a new and strong language of cinema in order to speak with international audiences about contemporary issues of Georgian society. Levan Lomjaria will explore these and other aspects of the history of Georgian cinema in his lecture.

Celebrating its 90th anniversary in fall of 2022, the Georgian Association in the USA is an organization committed to the preservation of Georgian culture among members of the Georgian Diaspora in the United States. The Association has been actively supporting music, film and theater events such as the screening of Nana Ekvtimishvili’s film In Bloom and Zaza Urushadze’s film Tangerines in the US.

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