Statement on the Independence Day 2022

May 26, 2022

May 26, 2022

Washington, DC. USA

May 26 is a precious commemoration for Georgia. It is a reminder in these times of how important sovereignty and independence is to a nation and to the peoples who make up the nation.  Self-government is the ultimate good for a democracy like Georgia. It gives the nation its greatest gift – the ability to determine its present and its future.  In the past, Georgia was surrounded by ambitious empires, and always faced problems of national security. In the most difficult of circumstances in 1918, Georgia re-established a republic.  

When the USSR collapsed in 1991, the Georgian people reasserted their country’s sovereignty once more. This is what we celebrate today, the triumph of a sovereign people over the tyranny of external oppression. Self-government and accountable government are central pillars of Georgia’s independence and prosperity today and in the future. 

On behalf of the Georgian Association in the USA, we wish all of Georgia a happy independence day. For our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, we wish for peace and victory over Russia and other external forces which are attempting to subvert the Ukrainian people’s will. To quote Ilia Chavchavadze, “even if the present is not favorable, the future is ours.” 

Board of Directors,

Georgian Association in the USA