Seminar series for Georgian-American students on college applications

Georgian Association in the USA hosted a series of seminars led by University of Virginia graduate, Liza Khutsishvili, who provided students with the insights, knowledge and tools needed to confidently navigate the complexities of such process.

Universities actively seek diverse thinkers with unique experiences who can ignite innovative thinking within their institutions. Georgian Americans have an opportunity to showcase their cultural backgrounds and distinct perspectives, authentically and with pride. Through engaging workshops and discussion, Liza shared her experience and perspective as a Georgian-American and aims to foster a deep understanding of how students’ cultural identities can serve as a powerful asset in the pursuit of higher education. The series informed and inspired students to reflect on, embrace, and celebrate their backgrounds and life experiences. 

Designed especially for current high school juniors, this workshop was tailored to assist students in planning their summer and fall timelines. From discussing extracurricular activities to letters of recommendations and standardized tests, Liza encouraged students to consider the aspects that will contribute to a strong finish to your academic year. 

First two sessions of the series were recorded and can be viewed on our YouTube channel.